Our break-up sessions will thematically encompass the novelties of an industry or technological area. Participants of the presentations and of the roundtable discussions will present the objectives and achievements of solutions that can be seen in the Future Space, as well as other successful projects. The sessions focus on the human needs, the technological answers given to them, as well as parts of these solutions showing the way to the future.
Venue: Patria Hall
Business decisions based on data or intuition? We inspect the role these factors play in complex project planning, optimalization and operation as well as in information security.
Venue: Data and intuition section room
The ever fading boundaries between technology and man are among the most exciting topics. In our presentations - through concrete examples - we are touching on opportunities provided by IoT, 5G, BigData, and industrial networks.
Venue: Human and robot section room
The future potential of the individual is based on present digital programs. What perspectives will open up and what positive benefits will be gained from developments in health, education and public administration as a whole - this is what the section wants to show.
Venue: State and citizen section room
When everybody wants everything NOW what makes it more effective? Should you develop yourself or combine the developments of others? In fact, even the greatest inventors were not born as inventors. First we all need to copy to learn the basics and understand the correlations. It seems we need both original solutions and remixes to succeed. But what is the secret of a good remix?!
Venue: Patria Hall
Smart solutions are present in the cities, interconnected to each other in more and more areas. Nevertheless, advancement can be found in the agriculture as well: this sector is seeking solutions with the help of digitalisation to serve the needs of the increasing population.
Venue: Country and city section room
Market opportunities, PSD2, instant payment, changing customer requirements, new types of insurance products and new tools ensured by technological development will all be key topics of our panel discussions and prersentations.
Venue: Mandatory or opportunity section room
15:50 — 16:35

Roundtable - After PSD2, before instant payment

Tamás Keiger
Financial Institutions Business Unit - Senior Sales Manager, T-Systems Hungary Ltd.
Tamás Kovalovszki
Head of Finance, Deposits and Investments Directorate, K&H Bank
Réka Schreiber
Head of Operations, Erste Bank
János Pereczes
Executive Director, MKB Fintechlab
Péter Benedek
Partner, RowanHill Global
János Zátonyi
Head of Innovation and Service Development, GIRO
András Kuhárszki
director - omnichannel tribe, OTP Bank Nyrt.
Gergely Karsai
CIO, Magyar Takarékszövetkezeti Bank Zrt.
17:20 — 18:10

Roundtable - Innovation and strategic directions in the insurance sector

Szabolcs Szota
Managing Director, Smartsurance Technologies Kft.
Katalin Borbényi
Head of Strategic Management and Business Development, Generali Biztosító
Árpád Czene
Board member, tribe leader, NN Biztosító Zrt.
Attila Dénes
corporate business director, Aegon Magyarország Általános Biztosító Zrt.
Kempchen Daniel
Deputy CEO, SIGNÁL IDUNA Biztosító Zrt.
Ferenc Fazekas
IT and Facility Director - UNIQA, COO - CHERRISK, UNIQA Biztosító