Planning for many years


The Central European organization of a multi-billion dollar corporation, in 18 countries, with more than 60 offices, close to 8 thousand employees - and the infrastructure needs to be modernized in such a way that nobody would notice a thing about it. This was the task given by Deloitte Central Europe when they assigned T-Systems Hungary to modernize their network infrastructure. „Our company launched an intensive worldwide digitalization program. But a precondition to this was the existence of a modern network infrastructure, that is capable of servicing the foreseeable present and future demand, and, more importantly, the unforeseeable demand as well”, summarized Alpár  Nemes, IT leader of Deloitte Central Europe.
Initially, the company was thinking in terms of a traditional model, meaning, they would procure new devices to replace old ones, then buy operation service for them. „Instead, we offered a service based model, a so called software defined network, SDN – said Balázs Rakovszky, Director of the Financial institutions business unit of T-Systems Hungary. Today, an infrastructure project does not mean plugging in devices. It is extremely important that the solutions provided to our partners should be future proof, catering for demands five-seven years from now. In the service model we can provide much greater flexibility for the customer. At any time, we are able to follow up the changes in business, such as opening new offices, with services.”
But technology was not the only challenge. „We soon realized that creating a technologically outstanding, financially beneficial and legally unquestionable construction would require the precise matching of millions of building blocks and the cooperation of various professional areas”, added Kata Kóczán, Head of the IT project organization of Deloitte Central Europe.
T-Systems overcame these hurdles successfully. They completed the tasks in all 18 countries, and managed to find new ways to deal with difficulties resulting from the complexity of the project, whatever their nature may be. „I think, that we could bring the best out of each-other in every respect, and made the right decision by giving the assignment to T-Systems Hungary”, said Alpár Nemes. Balázs Rakovszky shares this opinion. „By the end of the project, the traditional customer-vendor relationship evolved into a deeper partnership. For us it is very important that we have demonstrated: we are able to implement, large projects, arching over several countries. We made a great step towards becoming a regional service provider”, asserts the expert.
The company can continue down this road, because they are already working with Deloitte in other modernization projects as well. „Our company decided to digitalize all business models, which represents ever greater demand on  networks. And we are trying to prepare for requirements that seem to be distant today”, said Alpár Nemes about the direction to be taken.