In our innovative showroom - the FutureSpace you can see our latest infocommunication solutions via interactive presentations.

Futurespace map


PackTrack, a drone-based package tracing system developed jointly with Kitchen Budapest will be introduced for the first time among many digital innovations at T-Systems Symposium. Smart solutions for the agriculture, including Serket and Agronity smart beehive will be also featured, and we highlight how these can be integrated into the daily operations of companies and enterprises.

Public administration

Our education and healthcare business unit brings the Symposium no less than the MedSol Analyzer, a solution for Big Data-based, GDPR-compliant discovery of the relationship between illnesses, their treatment and medication. As our visitor you can also try out a modern classroom so that once again, as a student, learn about the latest digital-enabled learning methods in a playful way.

Smart City

A vast number of smart developments that address the complex challenges that cities are facing will be showcased at this year's Symposium. In addition to the Cityboard city management system, advanced devices such as Smart Parking or Smart Camera System and advanced facility management are also on the agenda.


Are you excited about logistics efficiency, capacity utilization, human resource optimization or data asset utilization? Beyond all this, you can experience how Canary, the IoT Steam Engine, or even the self-driving forklift are contributing to industrial transformation.

Financial institutions

Technology solutions for the invisible dangers of immediate digital money transfers as well as the Safe Home system, which offers personal protection and better insurance conditions will be presented at this year’s Symposium. In addition, we will also explore the inherent potentials of the Blockchain technology.


Learn about T-Systems' unique cloud-based solutions that deliver seamless IT service delivery through continuous availability, even as a complex hybrid system.

IT security

A spectacular demonstration will highlight the key importance of IT security in the light of platforms becoming increasingly integrated and the growing number of cyber-attacks. Have you ever wondered what could be the impact of an attack on a seemingly insignificant element of the corporate system could have on the company as a whole?

Telekom 5G test network

5G opens new horizons for both industrial and residential applications, paving the way for high-throughput devices that require a reliable, near-real-time network. At this year's Symposium, we will be introducing smartphones that are ready to use the new technology.